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CAS Number


Lead oxide (PbO) (OPb)

Compound Descriptions:

Structure Drawing
Element System:O-Pb
Element Names:Oxygen, Lead
Molecular Weight:223.189 g/mol
Name(s):Lead oxide (PbO)
C.I. 77577
C.I. Pigment Yellow 46
Lead monooxide
Lead monoxide
Lead oxide yellow
Lead protoxide
Lead(2+) oxide
Lead(II) oxide
Litharge S
Litharge Yellow L 28
Plumbous oxide
Yellow lead ocher
lead (II) oxide
Lead oxide, (PbO)
Lead oxide, PbO
Litharge Pure
Litharge Yellow L-28
lead monoxide (PbO)
Lead(II) oxide yellow
Blei(II)-oxid, gelb
CAS-RN:1317-36-8, 1309-59-7, 12359-23-8
Colour Index (C.I.):77577
Classification:no charge; 2fragments; ionic

European Regulations

5 matching entries in european regulations: Hazard, GHS, REACH, ECHA-pre, RoHS

Derivatives / Analogues

Derivativemineral: Litharge (PbO) 
Analogueother chalcogen: lead monosulfide 
Analogueother chalcogen: Bleiselenid 
Analogueother chalcogen: Bleitellurid 
Analogueother group IV element: formaldehyde 
Analogueother group IV element: SnO 
Analogueother metal: barium oxide 
Analogueother metal: Beryllia 
Analogueother metal: calcium oxide 
Analogueother metal: Cadmiumoxid 
Analogueother metal: CeO 
Analogueother metal: Kobaltoxid 
Analogueother metal: Copper oxide (CuO) 
Analogueother metal: Europiummonoxid 
Analogueother metal: iron oxide 
Analogueother metal: Mercury oxide (HgO) 
Analogueother metal: Magnesiumoxid 
Analogueother metal: Manganoxid 
Analogueother metal: niobium oxide 
Analogueother metal: Nickeloxid 
Analogueother metal: platinum oxide 
Analogueother metal: 12143-03-2 
Analogueother metal: SnO 
Analogueother metal: SrO 
Analogueother metal: titanium monoxide 
Analogueother metal: Vanadium oxide (VO) 
Analogueother metal: ZnO 
Analogueother group IV element: Polyoxymethylen 

Landolt-Börnstein Citations:

Mechanical Properties

 Ternary systems: inorganic components A, B, and water: AgBr - J2: Vol. IV/1a 2.2.1:284, p.665 (mix)IV/1a
 Inorganic-organic systems containing water: Ternary and polynary systems: inorganic components A, organic components B, and water: Vol. IV/1a 2.3.1:429, p.699 (mix)IV/1a


Short: IV/1a
Title: Densities of Liquid Systems: Nonaqueous Systems and Ternary Aqueous Systems
Author: Lacmann, R.; Synowietz, C.
Editor: Schäfer, Kl.
Source: Landolt-Börnstein, New Series
Volume: IV/1a
Year: 1974
ISBN: 3-540-06269-6
ISBN: 978-3-540-06269-1
Internet Resource: DOI:10.1007/b20003
RefComment: X, 716 pages. Hardcover
Abstract: Volume IV/1 contains information on the densities of liquid systems. It may be considered as a supplement to volume II/1 of the 6th Edition, which contains only a few data on nonaqueous systems. Data are not listed for all systems but primarily for those of greater interest where data for a larger range of concentrations were available.
Title: EINECS (European Inventory of Existing Commercial Chemical Substances)
Source: Official Journal of the European Communities
Volume: C 146 A (15.06.1990)
Page: 1
Year: 1990
Publish_Date: 1990/06/15

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