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CAS Number


Quecksilber(II)-nitrat (HgN2O6)

Compound Descriptions:

Structure Drawing
Element System:Hg-N-O
Element Names:Nitrogen, Oxygen, Mercury
Molecular Weight:324.6 g/mol
Nitric acid, mercury(2+) salt
Mercury(II) nitrate (Hg(NO3)2)
Citrine ointment
Mercuric nitrate
Mercury dinitrate
Mercury nitrate
Mercury nitrate (Hg(NO3)2)
Mercury(2+) nitrate
Millon's reagent
Salpetersäure Quecksilber(II)-Salz
Nitric acid, mercury(2+) salt (2:1)
CAS-RN:10045-94-0, 8046-70-6
Classification:no charge; 3fragments; ionic

European Regulations

5 matching entries in european regulations: Hazard, GHS, REACH, ECHA-pre, RoHS

Derivatives / Analogues

Analogueother metal: Nitric acid barium salt 
Analogueother metal: Nitric acid, beryllium salt 
Analogueother metal: Calciumnitrat 
Analogueother metal: Nitric acid, cadmium salt 
Analogueother metal: CoN2O6 (cobalt(II) nitrate) 
Analogueother metal: Copper bis(nitrate) 
Analogueother metal: Magnesiumnitrat 
Analogueother metal: Nitric acid, manganese(2+) salt 
Analogueother metal: Nitric acid, nickel(2+) salt 
Analogueother metal: Bleinitrat 
Analogueother metal: Strontiumnitrat 
Analogueother metal: Nitric acid, zinc salt 

Landolt-Börnstein Citations:

Mechanical Properties

Thermodynamic Properties

 Binary systems: Inorganic compounds - water: Vol. IV/4, p.229 (mix)IV/4


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Short: IV/4
Title: High-Pressure Properties of Matter
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Title: EINECS (European Inventory of Existing Commercial Chemical Substances)
Source: Official Journal of the European Communities
Volume: C 146 A (15.06.1990)
Page: 1
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Publish_Date: 1990/06/15

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