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CAS Number


Quinacridone (C20H12N2O2)

Compound Descriptions:

Structure Drawing
Molecular Weight:312.321 g/mol
Quino[2,3-b]acridine-7,14-dione, 5,12-dihydro-
Acramin Pink BC
Acramin Pink BN
C.I. 46500
C.I. Pigment Violet 19
Chromofine Red 6820
Cinquasia Red
Cinquasia Red B
Cinquasia Red B-RT 796D
Cinquasia Red BRT 790D
Cinquasia Red Y
Cinquasia Red Y-RT 759D
Cinquasia Red Y-RT 859D
Cinquasia Violet R
Cinquasia Violet R-RT 101D
Cinquasia Violet R-RT 791D
Dark violet
Fastogen Red 7094Y
Fastogen Super Red 400R
Fastogen Super Red 500R
Fastogen Super Red 7061B
Fastogen Super Red 7083Y
Fastogen Super Red 7094Y
Fastogen Super Red BN
Fastogen Super Red YE
Hostaperm Red E 2B70
Hostaperm Red E 3B
Hostaperm Red E 5B
Hostaperm Red E 5B02
Hostaperm Red Violet ER
Hostaperm Red Violet ER 02
Mobay R 6700
Monastral Red
Monastral Red B
Monastral Red RT 759D
Monastral Red RT 790D
Monastral Red Y
Monastral Red Y-RT 759D
Monastral Violet R
Monolite Violet 4R
Paliogen Red BG
Paliogen Red L 4470
Paliogen Violet 5100
Permanent magenta
Permanent Red E 3B
Permanent Red E 5B
Pigment Pink Quinacridone S
Pigment Quinacridone Red
Pigment Violet Quinacridone
PV Fast Red E 3B
C.I. 73900
Fastogen Super Red 380R
Fastogen Super Red 500RG
Fastogen Super Red 7100Y
Fastogen Super Red 7100Y-E
Hostaperm Red Violet ER 02-13-7011
Permanent Red-E3B
Hostaperm Red E5B
Hostapern Red Violet ER
Monastrol Red Y
Permanent Red E3B
Permanent Red E5B
PV Fast Red E 5B
PV Fast Red E3B
PV Fast Red E5B
PV-Fast Red E3B
PV-Fast Red E5B
Quinacridone violet
Quinacridone Red MC
Quinacridone Violet MC
CAS-RN:1047-16-1, 39362-27-1, 42612-56-6, 63440-25-5, 65381-35-3, 67051-64-3, 67053-84-3, 87397-48-6
Colour Index (C.I.):73900
Classification:no charge; nitrogen heterocycle; carbocycle; aromatic; large ring; fused rings; 6ring; 10ring; 14ring; 18ring; 22ring; ketone; 1fragment

European Regulations

1 matching entries in european regulations: ECHA-pre

Landolt-Börnstein Citations:

Crystallography, Structure and Morphology

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