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CAS Number


Polyvinylchlorid (C2H3Cl)

Compound Descriptions:

Structure Drawing
Molecular Weight:62.498 g/mol
Chloroethene, homopolymer
Ethene, chloro-, homopolymer
A 8800
AD 254
Air Lite B 3.75
Air Lite B 6.25
Airco 1230P
Airex R 63
Airex R 63.50
Airex R 63.80
AL 30 (polymer)
AL 31 (polymer)
AL 4003
Alkorplast CCO 13
Amerace A 30
Amosu MA 307CL
Aponil 100
Aponil P
Arbosol T 700605
Arbosol T-SP 900305
Expanded polyvinyl chloride
Poly(vinyl chloride)
Solvic 264GA
Evipol SH 7020
Vinoflex S 7114
CAS-RN:9002-86-2, 8063-94-3, 9006-09-1, 9036-81-1, 9041-55-8, 9043-47-4, 9043-48-5, 9072-17-7, 9072-39-3, 11097-91-9, 11111-94-7, 11119-27-0, 25038-46-4, 37357-61-2, 39287-89-3, 39296-17-8, 39387-43-4, 39389-56-5, 39393-59-4, 50642-89-2, 50935-77-8, 51281-46-0, 51540-75-1, 51569-45-0, 53029-14-4, 53112-41-7, 54328-27-7, 54328-28-8, 55465-75-3, 59678-57-8, 59740-40-8, 59740-42-0, 60281-99-4, 62132-30-3, 62931-08-2, 63440-29-9, 66988-60-1, 68441-74-7, 68858-77-5, 72751-14-5, 74192-23-7, 74504-79-3, 76012-29-8, 79103-67-6, 80044-12-8, 90452-37-2, 93050-82-9, 96353-76-3, 96726-77-1, 97123-54-1, 97343-78-7, 98865-43-1, 117079-84-2, 121870-60-8, 124149-62-8, 139074-74-1, 148880-09-5, 155422-17-6, 161051-90-7, 187247-43-4
LiqCryst (LC):74079 LC
Classification:no charge; polymer; racemate; 1fragment

European Regulations

1 matching entries in european regulations: ECHA-pre

Landolt-Börnstein Citations:

Acoustical and Optical Properties

 Molecular Acoustics: Vol. II/5 3.5, p.223.1 (mix)II/5
 Molecular Acoustics: Vol. II/5 5.3, p.247II/5

Crystallography, Structure and Morphology

 Structure Data of Organic Crystals: Vol. III/5a 2:2-3-8, p.36III/5a

Electrical Properties

 General data of piezoelectric substances: General data on crystals, ceramics and polymers: Vol. III/29b 3.2. p.36III/29b
 Piezoelectric constants: Tables of piezoelectric constants: Vol. III/29b 3.5.20. p.174III/29b
 Piezoelectric constants: Tables of piezoelectric constants: Vol. III/29b 3.5.8. p.136III/29b
 Pyroelectric constants: Tables: Vol. III/29b 4.2.2. p.335III/29b
 Pyroelectric constants: Tables: Vol. III/29b 4.2.3. p.351III/29b
 Pyroelectric constants: Figures and individual tables: Vol. III/29b 4.3. p.365III/29b


Short: II/5
Title: Molecular Acoustics
Author: Schaaffs, W.
Editor: Hellwege, K.-H.; Hellwege, A.M.
Source: Landolt-Börnstein, New Series
Volume: II/5
Year: 1967
ISBN: 3-540-03897-3
ISBN: 978-3-540-03897-9
Internet Resource: DOI:10.1007/b19950
RefComment: 321 figs., XII, 286 pages, Hardcover
Short: III/29b
Title: Low Frequency Properties of Dielectric Crystals: Piezoelectric, Pyroelectric, and Related Constants
Author: Bhalla, A.S.; Cook, W.R.; Liu, S.T.
Editor: Nelson, D.F.
Source: Landolt-Börnstein, New Series
Volume: III/29b
Year: 1993
ISBN: 3-540-55065-8
ISBN: 978-3-540-55065-5
Internet Resource: DOI:10.1007/b44419
RefComment: 446 figs., XI, 543 pages. Hardcover
Abstract: Some years after the publication of Vol. III/11 and its supplement III/18 dealing with elastic, piezoelectric, pyroelectric and optical properties of crystals, a complete recompilation of the data of these volumes and of new data was performed. Because of the growth of this subject matter it was found convenient to divide the material into four volumes, III/29a and b for the low frequency properties and III/30a and b for high frequency propertiesof dielectric crystals. The present second subvolume III/29b essentially contains relative dielectric constants and piezoelectric constants and their temperature coefficients, as well as electrostrictive and pyroelectric coefficients and electromechanical coupling factors of dielectric crystals.
Short: III/5a
Title: Structure Data of Organic Crystals: C ... C 13
Author: Schudt, E.; Weitz, G.
Editor: Hellwege, K.-H.; Hellwege, A.M.
Source: Landolt-Börnstein, New Series
Volume: III/5a
Year: 1971
ISBN: 3-540-05177-5
ISBN: 978-3-540-05177-0
Internet Resource: DOI:10.1007/b19970
RefComment: XXI, 736 pages, and VII, 890 pages. Hardcover
Abstract: Volume III/5 offers a compitation as complete as possible of the space groups and lattice con-stants of all crystals which have been studied by means of X-rays, neutron and electron diffraction.
Short: LC
Title: LiqCryst 4.6 - Database of Liquid Crystals
Author: Vill, V.
Year: 2005
Keyword: Flüssigkristalle; LCD; Phasenumwandlung

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