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CAS Number


Quartz (O2Si)

Compound Descriptions:

Structure Drawing
Element System:O-Si
Element Names:Oxygen, Silicon
Molecular Weight:60.084 g/mol
SiO2 <quartz>
Quartz (SiO2)
Aventurine (quartz)
CRS 1101-17
Crystalite 5K
Crystalite A 1
Crystalite A 2
Crystalite AA
Crystalite C
Crystalite CRS
Crystalite SS
Crystalite VX-S
Crystalite VX-S 2
Crystalite VX-X
Inducarb 0.5-1
Millisil W 12
Millisil W 6
Millisil W 6EST
Rock crystal
Siderite (SiO2)
Sifraco C 10
Sifraco C 600
Sikron 3000
Sikron F 100
Sikron F 600
Sikron H 200
Sikron H 500
Sikron H 600
Sikron SF 300
Sikron SF 6000
Silbond 600EST
Silbond FW 600EST
Silbond FW 61EST
Silbond VP 810-10/1EST
TGL 16319
silicon (IV) dioxide
silicon dioxide
β quartz
silica (quartz, respirable)
Silica quartz
white quartz
DQ 12
E 600
E 600 (quartz)
EQ 906
Iota 6
KP 3
KP 3 (quartz)
LAD (mineral)
LM 300
M 10
M 4
M 4 (quartz)
Mikrosil LM 300
Mikrosil SP 10
Mikrosil SP 3
SF 35
SP 3 (quartz)
Sibelco M 10
Sikron 500
Sikron 600
Silcron F 600
Silverbond 200
Silverbond 325
Sircon 200
CAS-RN:14808-60-7, 1317-79-9, 12425-26-2, 70594-95-5, 87347-84-0, 122304-48-7, 122304-49-8
Classification:no charge; mineral; 1fragment

European Regulations

1 matching entries in european regulations: ECHA-pre

Derivatives / Analogues

Derivativesynthetic material: Silica 

Landolt-Börnstein Citations:

Energy Technologies

 Renewable Energy: VIII/3C p.280VIII/3C
 Renewable Energy: VIII/3C p.505VIII/3C

Spectroscopic Methods

Thermodynamic Properties

 Thermodynamic Properties of Compounds, SbO2 to Rh2O3: Vol. IV/19a4 p.304IV/19A4


Short: III/20a
Title: Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Spectroscopy Data: Nuclei D ... Cl
Author: Chihara, H.; Nakamura, N.
Editor: Hellwege, K.-H.; Hellwege, A.M.
Source: Landolt-Börnstein, New Series
Volume: III/20a
Year: 1988
Keyword: NQR
ISBN: 3-540-18161-X
ISBN: 978-3-540-18161-3
Internet Resource: DOI:10.1007/b31153
RefComment: IX,677 pages. Hardcover
Abstract: Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Spectroscopy has become a standard method for structural research in molecular and solid state physics as well as for different branches of chemistry. The volumes cover data for more than 8,000 substances in the solid state. Data for free molecules have been published in volumes II/14 and II/15 of the New Series. The tables are arranged according to the atomic number of the elements.
Short: III/31a
Title: Nuclear Quadrupole Resonance Spectroscopy Data: Nuclei D ... Cu
Author: Chihara, H.; Nakamura, N.
Editor: Hellwege, K.-H.; Hellwege, A.M.
Source: Landolt-Börnstein, New Series
Volume: III/31a
Year: 1993
Keyword: NQR
ISBN: 3-540-55146-8
ISBN: 978-3-540-55146-1
Internet Resource: DOI:10.1007/b43999
RefComment: VIII, 437 pages. Hardcover
Abstract: Volume III/31 continues the compilation of nuclear quadrupole resonance spectroscopy data of solid substances which started in with volume III/20 in 1987 covering the literature from the beginning of nuclear quadrupole resonance spectroscopy in 1951 to 1982 and containing the data for 8000 substances in the solid state, distributed among three subvolumes III/20 a, b, and c. Volume III/31 covers the literature published in the period from the end of 1982 through the end of 1989. Included are the data for substances studied for the first time, as well as data for substances already present in the previous volume III/20 if the data published there could be completed or improved by new studies. In total there are 2500 substances in volume III/31, showing the scope and significance of nuclear quadrupole resonance spectroscopy up to recent times.
Short: IV/19A4
Title: Thermodynamic Properties of Inorganic Materials: Pure Substances. Part 4: Compounds from HgH to ZnTe
Author: Scientific Group Thermodata Europe
Editor: Lehrstuhl für Theoretische Hüttenkunde, Rheinisch-Westfälische Technische Hochschule Aachen
Source: Landolt-Börnstein, New Series
Volume: IV/19A4
Year: 2001
Keyword: Heat Capacities; Enthalpies; Entropies; Gibbs Energies; Phase Transition Data
ISBN: 3-540-41025-2
ISBN: 978-3-540-41025-6
Internet Resource: DOI:10.1007/b71435
RefComment: 1660 figs., LVII, 415 pages, with CD-ROM, Hardcover
Short: VIII/3C
Title: Energy Technologies: Renewable Energy
Author: Bandi, A.; Bogenrieder, W.; Braitsch, W.; Clauser, C.; Dafu, Y.; Fisch, M.N.; Gökler, G.; Goetzberger, A.; Haas, H.; Hein, D.; Heinloth, K.; Huckemann, V.; Karl, J.; Laue, H.J.; Neumann, A.; Pürer, E.; Richter, S.; Rosillo-Calle, F.; Shuqing, W.; Song, Won-Oh; Specht, M.; Strobl, Th.; van Walsum, W.; Wagner, H.J.; Wagner, U.; Ziqin, T.; Zunic, F.
Editor: Heinloth, K.
Source: Landolt-Börnstein, New Series
Volume: VIII/3C
Page: 1-626
Year: 2006
ISBN: 978-3-540-42962-3
ISBN: 3-540-42962-X
RefComment: 408 figs., XXIII
Title: EINECS (European Inventory of Existing Commercial Chemical Substances)
Source: Official Journal of the European Communities
Volume: C 146 A (15.06.1990)
Page: 1
Year: 1990
Publish_Date: 1990/06/15

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