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Compound Descriptions:

Element System:Cr-Cu-O
Element Names:Oxygen, Chromium, Copper
Chromium copper oxide (Cr2CuO4)
Copper chromate(III) (CuCr2O4)
Chromium copper oxide (CuCr2O4)
Copper chromate (CuCr2O4)
Copper chromite (Cr2CuO4)
Copper chromium oxide (CuCr2O4)
Copper dichromate (CuCr2O4)
Copper(2+) chromite
Daipyroxide Black 9512
copper dichromium tetraoxide
Kupferchromit, Katalysator
CAS-RN:12018-10-9, 16286-27-4, 101027-05-8

European Regulations

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Landolt-Börnstein Citations:

Crystallography, Structure and Morphology

Magnetic Properties

 Cr oxide-spinels: Binary Cr oxide-spinels: Vol. III/4b, p.398III/4b
 Mn spinels and substituted Mn spinels: Tables 1 - 2, Figs. 1 - 12: Vol. III/4b 6.3.12, p.494III/4b
 Cu-Fe{3+}, spinels (Cu ferrites) and Cu-Fe{3+} spinels with substitutions: Cu-Mn ferrites and those containing other oxides: Vol. III/12b, p.220III/12b
 ACr{2}X{4} data, compared: Tables and Figs., Part 2: Vol. III/12b, p.307III/12b
 Comments on material: Materials preparation and characterization: Vol. III/12b, p.292III/12b
 Comments on material: Versatile properties in science and technology: Vol. III/12b, p.289III/12b
 Comments on material: Crystal chemistry: Vol. III/12b, p.290III/12b
 Chromium oxide spinels of Li, Mg, Mn, Fe, Co, Ni, Cu, Zn, Cd.: ACr{2}O{4} data, compared: Vol. III/12b, p.323III/12b
 Cu-Cr spinels: Crystallographic properties: Vol. III/12b, p.393III/12b
 Cu-Cr spinels: Other properties: Vol. III/12b, p.395III/12b
 Cu-Cr spinels: Crystallographic properties: Vol. III/12b, p.391III/12b
 Zn-Cr spinels: Crystallographic and elastic properties (including neutron diffraction): Vol. III/12b, p.396III/12b
 Fe-oxide spinels containing Cr: Vol. III/27d 3.2.4, p.182III/27d
 Al-oxide spinels and Al-oxide spinels with substitutions: Vol. III/27d 3.3.3, p.382III/27d
 Cr-oxide spinels and Cr-oxide spinels with substitutions: Vol. III/27d 3.3.5, p.403III/27d


Short: III/12b
Title: Magnetic and Other Properties of Oxides and Related Compounds: Spinels, Fe Oxides, and Fe-Me-O Compounds
Author: Bonnenberg, D.; Hempel, K.A.; Lefever, R.A.; McGuire, T.R.; Paulus, M.; von Philipsborn, H.; Rubinstein, M.; Sugimoto, M.; Treitinger, L.; Vautier, R.
Editor: Hellwege, K.-H.; Hellwege, A.M.
Source: Landolt-Börnstein, New Series
Volume: III/12b
Year: 1980
ISBN: 3-540-09421-0
ISBN: 978-3-540-09421-0
Internet Resource: DOI:10.1007/b85783
RefComment: 1898 figs., XIV, 758 pages. Hardcover
Short: III/27d
Title: Magnetic Properties of Non-Metallic Inorganic Compounds Based on Transition Elements: Oxy-Spinels
Author: Agostinelli, E.; Brabers, V.A.M.; Fiorani, D.; Testa, A.M.; Whall, T.E.
Editor: Wijn, H.P.J.
Source: Landolt-Börnstein, New Series
Volume: III/27d
Year: 1991
ISBN: 3-540-53877-1
ISBN: 978-3-540-53877-6
Internet Resource: DOI:10.1007/b41057
RefComment: 1030 figs., IX, 501 pages. Hardcover
Abstract: Volume III/27 covers the magnetic properties of inorganic compounds based on transition elements. It can therefore be considered as a supplement to volumes III/4 and III/12 Magnetic and other properties of magnetic oxides and related compounds, which appeared in 1970 and in the period 1978 - 1982 respectively. In a way, this volume also forms a counterpart to volume III/19, in which the magnetic properties of metals, alloys and metallic compounds are compiled. In the present subvolume III/27d oxidic compounds with the spinel structure are treated; they include both iron and non-iron oxy-spinels. Besides the magnetic data, physical and chemical properties which are of interest in connection with the magnetism of the spinels, have been given the necessary attention.
Short: III/4b
Title: Magnetic and Other Properties Of Oxides and Related Compounds
Author: Bonnenberg, D.; Boyd, E.L.; Calhoun, B.A.; Folen, V.J.; Gräper, W.; Greifer, A.P.; Kriessman, C.J.; Lefever, R.A.; McGuire, T.R.; Paulus, M.; Stauss, G.H.; Vautier, R.; Wijn, H.P.J.
Editor: Hellwege, K.-H.; Hellwege, A.M.
Source: Landolt-Börnstein, New Series
Volume: III/4b
Year: 1970
ISBN: 3-540-05176-7
ISBN: 978-3-540-05176-3
Internet Resource: DOI:10.1007/b19969
RefComment: 1764 figs., XVI, 666 pages. Hardcover
Abstract: Considered are magnetic, crystallographic, electric, optical, thermodynamic and further properties; while the magnetic, crystallographic and directly related data are compiled completely, the other properties are treated according to their importance. For a continuation and extension see below volume III/27
Short: III/7f
Title: Crystal Structure Data of Inorganic Compounds: Key Elements: d 4...d 8-Elements
Author: Pies, W.; Weiss, A.
Editor: Hellwege, K.-H.; Hellwege, A.M.
Source: Landolt-Börnstein, New Series
Volume: III/7f
Page: 1-778
Year: 1977
ISBN: 3-540-08080-5
ISBN: 978-3-540-08080-0
Internet Resource: DOI:10.1007/b19981
RefComment: 14 figs., XXVII, Hardcover
Abstract: Volume III/7 contains structure data on those compounds which contain at least one of the elements F, Cl, Br, I, O, N, and P and cannot be called "organic". The structure data of the remaining inorganic compounds and the elements are dealt with in volumes III/6 and III/14, while the organic compounds are treated in volumes III/5 and III/10. The systematic arrange-ment is based on the anions ordered according to "key elements", since this system allows the arrangement of the crystal structure data in such a way that both chemical and crystallographical relationships can be recognized. Structure data are compiled as completely as possible for all inorganic substances, where crystal structures have been examined by means of X-ray, neutron, and electron diffraction,and for which at least the lattice constants have been determined.
Title: EINECS (European Inventory of Existing Commercial Chemical Substances)
Source: Official Journal of the European Communities
Volume: C 146 A (15.06.1990)
Page: 1
Year: 1990
Publish_Date: 1990/06/15

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