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Element System


Ir (uncertain oxidation state)

Compound Descriptions:

Element System:Ir
Element Names:Iridium
Name(s):Ir (uncertain oxidation state)

Landolt-Börnstein Citations:

Magnetic Properties

 Magnetic susceptibility data: Iridium Ir: Vol. II/8 1.2.18, p.492II/8


Short: II/8
Title: Magnetic Properties of Coordination and Organometallic Transition Metal Compounds
Author: König, E.; König, G.
Editor: Hellwege, K.-H.; Hellwege, A.M.
Source: Landolt-Börnstein, New Series
Volume: II/8
Page: 1-1163
Year: 1976
ISBN: 3-540-07441-4
ISBN: 978-3-540-07441-0
Internet Resource: DOI:10.1007/b19953
RefComment: 452 figs., XXXVI, Hardcover

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