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Chemical Name


U-234 (U)

Compound Descriptions:

Structure Drawing
Element System:U
Element Names:Uranium
Molecular Weight:234.041 g/mol
Uranium, isotope of mass 234
U 234
Uranium II (234U)
Uranium 234
Classification:no charge; radioactive; isotope; 1fragment

European Regulations

2 matching entries in european regulations: Hazard, GHS

Derivatives / Analogues

Derivativebasic material: Uran 

Landolt-Börnstein Citations:


 Energy level parameters and branching ratios of 92Uranium: Vol. I/19B3I/19B3


Short: I/19B3
Title: Nuclear States from Charged Particle Reactions: Tables of Excitations from Reactions with Charged Particles. Part 3: Z = 63 - 99
Author: Soroko, Z.N.; Sukhoruchkin, S.
Editor: Schopper, H.
Source: Landolt-Börnstein, New Series
Volume: I/19B3
Year: 2007
Keyword: astrophysics; elementary particle physics; nuclear physics; nuclear reactors; radiation protection; spectroscopy; waste transmutation
ISBN: 978-3-540-48697-8
Internet Resource: DOI: 10.1007/978-3-540-48701-2
RefComment: XI, 522 p., Hardcover
RefComment: Written for scientists involved in nuclear and elementary particle physics, astrophysics, cosmology, radiation protection, spectroscopy
Abstract: Volume I/19B (consisting of 3 subvolumes covering different ranges of Z) contains the compilation of parameters of nuclear bound states excited in reactions with charged particles. High-quality information on excited bound states situated above the low-lying levels but below the states seen as resonances is essential for the understanding of general properties of nuclei and is important for many applications. No systematic compilation of such data has been performed so far. The present compilation was prepared by two eminent experts in the fields. One of the characteristics of Landolt-Börnstein is that data are evaluated before they are accepted for compilation. The idea is to present ‘best values’ which can be used with confidence by non-experts. Subvolume I/19B3 contains the data for nuclei with Z ranging from 63 to 99. In view of the large amount of data available some of the information is given on the CD ROM only. Parameters for low-lying nuclear levels of many nuclei were previously published by Landolt-Börnstein in Volume I/18, and for nuclear unbound states in Volumes I/16 and I/19A.

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