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Text Search:
Active text search
By means of an active text search up to 4 different attributes may be combined with a logical "and" or "or" in order to achieve a specific and sophisticated result.
Please note that feeding 2 or more words into a line will initiate a search which demands the correct order of these words or word parts in the data record, i.e. this does not equal a search with a logical "and".
The latter can be achieved via a search for the single terms, combined by "and".

For each of the 4 fields you can choose from the following categories:
Compound free text
Searches for parts of chemical name, molecular formula, CAS-RN (compound information)
Exact name
Requires the exact name of a compound
Name part
Permits a search for a single part of a chemical name
Activates a search for discrete CAS-RN (complete and correct input required)
EINECS number
Activates a search for discrete EINECS number (complete and correct input required)
A search in the property field yields all the information that is contained and comprised in the LB document title or the LB reference information including keywords if available. Particularly this may include information on physical properties.
Molecular formula (exact)
Searching for exact molecular formula requires a preassigned set of elements and a count for each element, e.g. C6H5Cl1. Blanks between the elements are allowed alternatively (C6 H5 Cl1). C6 H5 Cl, in contrast, will lead to a list of compounds with C6 H5 Cl>=1.
Molecular formula (any part)
A list of compounds containing at least the requested input will be the result of this search. Additional elements may be part of the sought-after compounds. In case of C6 H5 Cl the compound C6H5Cl2P1Se1 will be a possible result, too.
Molecular mass
The input of a molecular mass must be given with an accuracy of one thousandth of the mass number (i.e. 78.112 (g/mol) for benzene, e.g.).
Full text (compound and property)
This search covers both compound (molecular formula, chemical name, CAS-RN) and property information (LB reference, key words, physical properties where information included)
Element system (exact)
Single elements of the element system in question may be given in any order; hyphen or blank are potential delimiter symbols. Ba-O-Ti and Ba Ti O will yield the same result e.g.
Element system (any part)
The search operates in the same way as the exact search (see above). The resulting list of compounds will include the exact element system search + all element systems containing at least one additional element. Therefore the search term Ba Ti O (or Ba-O-Ti) will produce a list of all quaternary and higher systems as well (Ba-Bi-O-Ti , Ba-Bi-Fe-O-Ti, e.g.).
LB volume search
Searching for the content of a specific Landolt-Börnstein volume requires the complete original volume citation formatted like LB-Group/Volume(Subvolume); subvolume is optional only for those volumes that do not consist of subvolumes. Therefore II/3, III/35a and III/33B1, respectively, are examples for promising input. The correct volume citations can be found in the list of of Indexed Volumes and Properties (home). The search is case insensitive.

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